Friday, July 18, 2008

Is Mommy blogging Radical...

Sitting in a great session about Mommy it still radical? First it is amazing to me how crowded the room is, it is standign room only..additionally the opinions on mom blogging is so different..

There is deffinitly a mix of thinking with regards to mom blogging..some seem to love the swap and seem to try and make money. Also, there are those who seem to blog to build a community...all these thoughts are pretty cool..

If I take anything away from this session it seems that they are telling people to be themselves, that is my favorite. That readers want your opinion, they want you to be real, they want you to be yourself...that to me is awesome..

The other thoughts, mom's that make money from it really a bad thing to want to profit from a blog. Yes, I blog because I love to write, but if this becomes a business, I am not going to complain..

Anyway, the conference so far has been awesome...

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SWD said...

I think you blog is great. Congratulations!