Friday, December 12, 2008

Elf on the Shelf

Last year we heard about Elf on a Shelf, I had no idea about this holiday tradition but everyone swore that is was awesome and that my kids would love it. I went to every Hallmark store in my area and finally found the kit…

What is Elf on the Shelf, well it is a book and a Elf. You read the book to child/children and then the Elf magically appears. Once the Elf appears for the first time, the family is to name it, my children named ours Sparkle.

The purpose, well the Elf on the Shelf helps Santa know if your children have been naughty or nice. Every night the Elf “magically” returns to the North Pole to provide Santa with a report of the day, and every morning he/she returns and is in a different spot in the house. The kids typically run around the house first thing in the morning looking for our Elf, he has appeared everywhere from appliances, to frames and window shelves…

Every family looks to start their own holiday tradition and I love this is a link to Elf on the Shelf..I hope your children enjoy it as much as mine do..

Elf on the Shelf..

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

2008 -- A Look Back

Yes 2008 was a hard year for pretty much everyone but do we have things to be thankful for as we head into 2009. Some may argue that we don’t however I beg to differ..

Yes, the economy is in the “toilet” to put it lightly but there is more to the world than the economy. When I look at myself and my own life I think of a quote that has motivates me daily…”Constantly imagine the life you truly want.” I received that quote via a text message from The Secret web site..

When I received that quote I wrote it on a piece of paper and have it on my nightstand, I look at it every morning and every night before I close my eyes. I thought a lot about that quote since I first read it..and I do have the life I want..

I always wanted to be a mom and I am..not only am I a mom but my kids are amazing. Ashlee is my buddy, my six year old little girl that warms my heart every time she smiles and Jack, my three year old little guy who has an amazing imagination and lives with zero fear.

So, as 2008 comes to an end I ask everyone not to look back on the year with sadness but look ahead to what 2009 can bring for everyone. Also, take a hard look at your laugh and be grateful for the wonderful things that we all have and possibly take for granitite daily…

Want more good reads regarding the economy, check out Silicon Valley Moms a lot of great posts!

Friday, December 5, 2008


Lets talk about Twitter for a bit, how many folks use it..raise your hands. How many know how to use it? How many enjoy it or see it as another PITA of a social networking tool?

About a year ago I sat in a lunch meeting with Guy Kawasaki and he talked about Twitter, and I thought he was nuts. Why the heck would I waste my time using Twitter, do I really care that someone walked into their kitchen for a glass of water. Do folks really care what I am doing during the day..

Anyway, since in PR the world is turning to online I decided to sign up for Twitter and barely used it for six months. Then about 3-4 months ago something clicked..I started following companies and not just people. Companies such as BestBuy, Walmart, Zappos (love him) and a few others addition some of the people that I believe influence the world of social media and journalists that I read and pitch regularly.

What I started to love about Twitter is that I felt it brought me closer to the reporters, what do I mean, I started to understand them better. I started to know a little more about them what they were reading, what they wanted to hear about from their voice and not a printed article about a product.

Additionally, what I got from following companies, I learned more about these companies. I follow the CMO of BestBuy, he actually helps customers and the CEO of Zappos asks for opinions on shoes and other things that make the company more successful..

I also follow bloggers, mostly mom bloggers but a few others as well..this has helped me with my own blog and again, I felt like I learned about these individuals which I believe has helped me grown in social networking and in PR as well..

So..if you wonder about using it..but follow those that get it and use it right…