Friday, April 11, 2008

Guitar Hero

My husband works in the gaming industry so you can just imagine the amount of games we have in our home, pretty much a cabinet full. So a few weeks ago we were at a friends and he got the chance to play Guitar Hero, and of course went out the next day and bought it for our 360. Of course it had to be wireless, because now is the modern age and god forbidden there is a cord hanging.

Anyway, now that he has it, the kids try to play it, I love seeing Jack hold the guitar, I think it is as big as he is, so cute. Ashlee tries so hard but she is still just trying to get it. I have played a few time, it took me six times to get through a Poison song, how sad, I use to love that music and I failed at Guitar Hero!

Anyway, we are hanging with the neighbors tonight, I am sure the guitar will be pulled and played again..