Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

I had the best Mother’s Day. First Ashlee and I had a sleep over, we do these once a month. We blow up the big queen sized airbed and sleep downstairs together, it is the best time. She loves it and so do I..Jack was suppose to join us but he wanted to sleep in his own bed, who can blame him, it is probably 10x more comfortable than the airbed…

So, I got to wake up to snuggling my baby girl, seriously, what can be better than that. After we woke up, Jeff ran to the grocery store and made me breakfast, waffles and breakfast sausages, my favorite!!!

Then, Ashlee and I ran a few errands and my mom came over early with her puppy Daisy, she is the cutest little dog. I love my beagle Lady but I swear, I could snuggle with Daisy all night because she is so tiny. After we hung out, took the dogs for a walk to pick some wild flowers, we all loaded up in the truck and went to play Bocce ball for an hour. We met my sister and family, her mother-in-law and my in laws, it was awesome. We had a court outside, were we had some great snacks, incredible wine and had a blast playing bocce.

After bocce we had dinner and all hung out, it was probably one of the best Mother’s Day I have every experienced. It was great to hang out with the family, not cook or clean, just relax and have a blast.

Now, it is Sunday, time to get myself mentally ready for work, can’t wait…

Friday, May 9, 2008

Teen Steals Human Skull

This is just weird..

There was an article in USA Today that talks about a teenager who admits to stealing a skull to smoke weed. Yes a skull, not only is that ridiculously gross but weird, just so weird. What makes someone think that a skull should be used to smoke weed, what was going on inside this kids head.

I have heard of other household items being used for this sort of thing, but honestly never a human skull.

USA Today Article

CA/WA Handsfree Law

States across the US are putting hands-free car laws into place, the two most recent will be California and Washington which go into effect on July 1st. This means anyone behind the wheel of a car needs to wear a headset while talking on the phone. If after July 1st if a driver is pulled over in CA or WA on the phone without a headset, you will get a ticket. Plantronics has created a microsite that is all about being handsfree, check it out. There are hidden “eggs” throughout and prizes can be won.

If you are a driver in CA or WA, get your headset now before the law goes into affect!

Plantronics Handsfree

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Microsoft Walks Away from Yahoo!

Well Microsoft walked away from purchasing Yahoo, they got tired of Yahoo rebuffing their offer and walked. I can’t say I blame the company, it seems like Yahoo was pushing for a bid of more than 50B and MS said “hello no.” When you really look at the deal, Yahoo needs MS more than MS needed Yahoo, I don’t blame them for walking..

Makes you wonder if Yahoo will change their mind and come crawling back to Microsoft…or maybe they have another bid under their sleeve, maybe a Yahoo/AOL merger…hmmmm…stranger thing have happened..

Did anyone ever think HP and Compaq would merge, I don’t think so …..

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Microsoft/Yahoo..Will it happen???

I am sure it is because I work in high-tech but things like the possibility of the Microsoft/Yahoo deal fascinate me…

I can definitely see the appeal for Microsoft, has never really kicked off the way Yahoo or Google have, in addition its IM service is not nearly where the Yahoo IM has risen. I can also see Yahoo’s point, it doesn’t want to be controlled by Microsoft but will Yahoo every be in a position to compete with Google, I don’t think so.

Time will tell and it will be very interesting…