Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Does Facebook make a bad mom????

As a lot of folks do, I spend a significant amount of time on Facebook, not only with current friends and co-workers but reconnecting with people of the past. And..as a mom of two, I do have to watch the amount of time not only that I am on Facebook but the computer in general. It can be hard not to let any “hobby” conflict with my time with the kids but its all with how we manage our time, you need to know when to walk away.

Why am I talking about this, well a video from a Boston Globe reporter who mentioned how Facebook was making her a bad mom because of the time she spent surfing it..

Seriously, can she really blame Facebook, it is all how we manage our time. I understand you can get sucked in, I am guilty of being sucked in but I know when to walk away and pay attention to my life. I love being on Facebook, it has really helped me reconnect with some of my closest friends throughout the years…

Does Facebook make a bad mom, no…but again, everything in moderation…

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