Wednesday, November 5, 2008

24-Hours of Reflection

As I reflect on the last 24 hours there is a lot of emotion.

On one hand I am beyond was, as Obama has said, time for a change. The US and world had become unhappy with the way our country had been run over the past eight years. Has it really been eight years? Change was needed, just who would be responsible for the change, that was the question about six months ago. The newspapers, TV and radio are saying that McCain was the front runner in the beginning, the American people thought highly of him, he clearly wanted change and, no matter what anyone thinks of his politics, you have GOT to respect the fact he was a POW.

Once the economy took such a massive turn, that is when McCain began to fall and Obama leaped forward and took a front and center lead. At first, I will be honest, I was torn with who I would vote for in this election. While I think highly of McCain there was to much about his politics that I could not grasp or agree with, and then there was Palin, that is a different blog entry all together.

I watched the debates, I read everything I could about these two candidates and in the end, I went with my gut and voted for Obama. His speech was moving, I am proud of America, it was a significant leap forward for our country and I am extremely proud to be an American.

While I am proud to be an American, I am sad and disappointed tonight to be from California. Of all the states I would have never thought a proposition like 8 would pass here, how could we take rights away from people? I have heard pretty much every argument for 8 over the last few days, gay marriage will be taught in schools, religious reasons and pretty much everything in-between. I always like to say that everyone is entitled to their opinion but to me, Prop 8 was not about any of those things it was about rights and those constitutional rights were taking away from a significant amount of people. Why? I want one person to give me an argument that is truthful and solid..

How could we as Californians, as people, take away rights…

So, as I said, on one hand I am happy and proud but on the other, I am sad and disappointed. The emotions over the last few days will last and, as we move forward, I want everyone to remember one thing from Obama’s speech last night..

“We are not about blue or red states. We are about the United States of America.” I say Amen….

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Smurf said...

Agreed on all points, great post. I'm glad 8 is back in the hands of the courts. Hopefully, they will save us from our bigoted selves.