Thursday, October 23, 2008

Proposition 8...Lets Talk About This...

I need to get this out because every time I see the Yes on 8 commercials I swear I want to scream and throw things at my TV. The one that shows the couple from Massachusetts who says that after gay marriage was passed their child came home and said they learned that a boy can marry a boy…oh and a girl can marry a princess..PLEASE….

First, lets discuss the commercial, seriously, are you kidding me? First, the right to marry has nothing to do with schools. Also, maybe it is just me, but who cares..parents should be teaching this to their child anyway.

The husband and wife from Massachusetts in those TV ads really put me over the edge. I am trying my hardest not to say something cruel about this couple but I saw them in a TV interview on The Today Show and I started screaming at the TV. From what I have read, if Proposition 8 passes it does not affect your school. I know I have already mentioned this once, but I feel the need to repeat myself again and again. My daughter is in the first grade and I know a lot of parents of older children and there is NO discussion of marriage in school. They focus on reading, writing, math and science, not marriage!

The reason we live in the United States is that this is a country about freedom, no matter your race, religion or sexual preference. Everyone’s rights should be the same..why are we trying to take away someone’s rights? The government needs to separate church and state once and for all…this is ridiculous..please focus on the important issues such as the economy and environment.

When we first moved to Livermore there was a lesbian couple that lived across the street from us. They had two children, a boy and girl, and where a very nice couple. Ashlee was one when we moved in, by the time these ladies moved she was about three, old enough to ask questions. She asked once why these children had two moms and I think I told her that was their preference and they were very happy, and that was it.

Here is what I have to say about Proposition 8…if this doesn't pass, which is what I am hoping, anyone will be allowed to marry, no matter of their sexual preference. What is wrong with that? Tell me, why can’t someone who is gay get married? Why?

Parents need to talk to their children. Have the common decency to explain to them about
homosexuality and heterosexuality……the biggest issue I see with Prop 8 is it is going to force parents to talk to their children, OH NO…how scary..please…we should be talking to our children, tell them the truth, be honest, they deserve it!


jennette said...

Great post, Kristin! Being in SFO, I've got quite a few gay/lesbian friends and for them Prop 8 hits home when it comes to the "rights" behind marriage. Domestic partnership doesn't have the same (e.g. if one partner is in hospital or passes away) the "other partner" doesn't have the same right if s/he is considered the "spouse"). That would totally suck because decisions would go to next of kin (blood relative) instead rather than the partner.

You're such a great mother!! *hugs*

Smurf said...

"From what I have read, if Proposition 8 passes it does not affect your school."

This is true, Kristin- the frustrating thing about "Rob and Robin from Massachusetts" is that, for one thing, the laws are completely different in Massachusetts with respect to parents opting kinds out of things like health classes, etc. (In other words, in Mass, you can't- in Cali, parents can opt their kids out of anything they want.) Not that, as you said, "Marriage" is a subject in school.

Great post!