Friday, January 22, 2010

Does 15 minutes of fame exist?

Wow, what a week of news..

There has been so much, where should I begin..the crazy California weather, John Edward’s admission, Massachusetts election, the horrible earthquake in Haiti. That doesn’t include the world of technology, the biggest news, the rumors of Apple’s upcoming tablet announcement.

However I feel that every time I turn around the news that dominates is Heidi Montage’s plastic surgery obsession. Really? Is this truly what is important? Should this person have the opportunity to be on the cover of magazines and interviewed on TV shows.

I am not going to lie I am definitely someone who enjoys reading tabloid magazines such as People and US Weekly. In addition, I regularly tune into Extra, Access Hollywood or TMZ. But even I am tired of seeing so much attention focused on these types of individuals.

The saying, 15 minutes of fame, definitely doesn’t apply to everyone. It seems that more and more often the 15 minutes is expanding into months and in some cases years.

So what is the draw? What is it that keeps them in the stoplight longer than most deem necessary?

Are they really newsworthy? Is the public that disinterested in the worldly news that they tune in. Or do they have really good press agents?

I am not really sure, I think the jury is still out on those questions. I do hope the 15 minutes of fame ends in 2010..

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Danna said...

I'm with you. I really don't care about some woman and all her plastic surgery. I don't get why people like Paris Hilton are still in the news. Her only claim to fame is that she was born into a very weathly family. Of course, that doesn't stop me from not getting out of bed until AFTER to gossip guy is done on KRTY. By the way, love the new look!