Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day

I had the best Mother’s Day. First Ashlee and I had a sleep over, we do these once a month. We blow up the big queen sized airbed and sleep downstairs together, it is the best time. She loves it and so do I..Jack was suppose to join us but he wanted to sleep in his own bed, who can blame him, it is probably 10x more comfortable than the airbed…

So, I got to wake up to snuggling my baby girl, seriously, what can be better than that. After we woke up, Jeff ran to the grocery store and made me breakfast, waffles and breakfast sausages, my favorite!!!

Then, Ashlee and I ran a few errands and my mom came over early with her puppy Daisy, she is the cutest little dog. I love my beagle Lady but I swear, I could snuggle with Daisy all night because she is so tiny. After we hung out, took the dogs for a walk to pick some wild flowers, we all loaded up in the truck and went to play Bocce ball for an hour. We met my sister and family, her mother-in-law and my in laws, it was awesome. We had a court outside, were we had some great snacks, incredible wine and had a blast playing bocce.

After bocce we had dinner and all hung out, it was probably one of the best Mother’s Day I have every experienced. It was great to hang out with the family, not cook or clean, just relax and have a blast.

Now, it is Sunday, time to get myself mentally ready for work, can’t wait…

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